Our Members

Our membership is diverse including teachers, scientists, business professionals, homemakers and more from recent college graduates to retirees, all sharing a passion for making music together.

The list below represents our active membership. We bring in guest and sub musicians from time to time to fill specific needs, whom are not listed here.

*Steve Comingdeer, HR Director

Teresa Cobb, Site Lead
*Steve Comingdeer, HR Director
Carol Goins, Nutrition Counselor (ret.)
Beth Hulteng, Music Teacher
Tanya Kvam, Accountant
Maureen Maly, Attorney
Debbie McDonald, Homemaker
Jenny Partin-Olson, Band Teacher
Juliet Wivell, Homemaker
Teresa Welscher, Homemaker

Carmen Allen, Music Arranger & Educator
Abigail Amundson, Licensed Counselor
*Terri Svec, Music Educator

English Horn
Abigail Amundson, Licensed Counselor
*Terri Svec, Band Director

Danell Dalton, Educator

Kent Barth, Sr. Software Engineer
Joan Cranbrook, Retired
Brenda Domingues, Math Tutor
Daniel Georgakopoulos, Music Educator
Becky Jarvis
Kari Johnson, Music Therapist
Robin Keller, Paralegal
Emma Keogh, Docketing & Annuity Specialist
Suzanne Kroon, Neuropsychology (ret.)
*Dawn Miller, Music Therapist
Randy Olson, Marketing (ret.)
Leah Yotter, CPA

Bass Clarinet
Bridget Barfnecht, Human Resources
Robin Keller, Paralegal

Soprano Saxophone
Lindsey Hammond, HR Director

Alto Saxophone
*Lindsey Hammond, HR Director
Aaron Hanson, Sales Manager
Erin Hocking, Therapist
Lauren Makey, Clinical Data Coordinator
Patrick Zito, Engineer

Tenor Saxophone
Jesse Ng, Actuarial Analyst

Baritone Saxophone
Richard Samec, Power Systems Engineer

French Horn
Ian Behlke, Band Teacher
Shannon Elsenpeter, IT Manager
Michael Engh, Computer Engineer (ret.)
Christopher Jarvis, Band Director (ret.)
Cameron Kaszas, Biomedical Engineer
*Greg Mack, Marketing
Brandon Sieck, Insurance

Peter Davis, Software Engineer
Allison Domingues, Graduate Student
Tim Fischer, Software Engineer
Rick Hammond, Graphic Designer
*Mike Hummon, Machinist
Stephanie Johnson, Account Manager
Matt Lindner, Software Developer
John Olson, Product Manager (ret.)

*George Linkert, Adult Day Care Director
John McKone, Piano Technician
Scott Peterson, Project Engineer
Chip Smith, Retired

Bass Trombone
Ben Verbridge
Lou Witt, Retired

Christopher Boldt, Metallurgical Engineer

David Aschenbeck, R&D Engineer
Matt Fulkerson, Scientist
*W. Rayford Johnson, Music Educator/Conductor (ret.)
Carl Peterson, Engineer (ret.)
Lloyd Winfield, Music Educator/Principal

Emily Ammentorp, 911 Dispatcher
*Ann Brearley, Statistician
Michelle Camacho-Grob, Restaurant Manager
Nicole Ginter, Phlebotomist
Timothy Lane, Supplier Engineer

*Section Leader
Active, not currently performing